Welcome to Groove… a radio station dedicated to our favorite decade… the 90’s decade..Let us drive you to our finest musical memories… feel the Groove

Who is Behind Groove…

We are a group of pasionate people grew, and having our favorite memories in the nineties decade .

Groove is located in the Center of Greece, Athens… Streaming in the highest quality the best of 90’s all over the world ‘for your ears only’

The music we play..
Undisputed classics stretching from Oasis and Blur, to Primal Scream and the Chemical Brothers, from Ace of Base to Doctor Alban and from Haddaway to Ice Mc… Whether it’s Radiohead or Portishead, the Stone Roses or Guns ‘n Roses, we’ll be playing all the best music you remember from the 90s and none of the duds.

Of course we love the 90s Dance…
The best dance tracks from the 90s. Radio friendly House hits to underground classics. An exceptional decade.

Tune into the Grooooove!

Contact Us

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