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Miss Lina Pres. Powermix

Every Monday & Wednesday from 22.00 till 00.00 Miss Lina takes over the decks & microphones of Groove radio ready to lift you off with a great variety of music selections such as BB, Drum ‘n Bass etc.
Tune in to widen your musical horizons on Groove…

Short Bio:

Lina (Powermix), is the first female radio producer and dj in the rave scene of Athens, playing mostly trance, hard trance, psytrance, drum & bass and breaks.Started as a radio producer with “Powermix” back in 1993 at the legendary LIFE FM since 1997, also she was in BEAT FM, BLUE SKY radio, BLUE SKY TV, FREE RADIO 98 FM, Liquid radio, and Atlantis radio 105.2FM. Being a well known dj and radio producer she has performed as Resident and Guest in the most famous & legenderies dance stages, clubs in Athens and all over Greece, like: ALSOS, BATTERY, BERLIN, TESSERA, FACTORY, DOM, HORUS, DOMUS, LIQUID, AMFITHEATRO, CAMEL, SEVENTH HEAVEN, CITY GROOVE, MAD, X-MOVIE THEATER etc. and nowdays in the most popular stages of the psy scene.Being Founder & member of Riot Girls, a drum & bass project, and also founder & member of trance & psy-trance project called Girls in the Jungle. She is the founder of BASS SYNDICATE project and member of BREAKTONE project, with strictly drum & bass nuskool and oldskool music. She likes doing remixes of her favorite songs of 80’s to breaks, and remains fanatic with vinyls as she still prefers to play with MK2 during her sets. She is founder and owner of amphdromiA psy group, promoting many succefull psy parties in Athens, hosting many djs from abroad and the best ones from locals. Also she is founder and owner of Psy Festivals: amphdromiA Open Air Fest vol1 & vol2 , Fullove Festival, Musikology Festival & Genesis Festival. Nowdays you can listen her radio show Powermix @ Groove Radio 98.1Fm & live24 every Monday & Wednesday 22:00-24:00! Stay Tuned!!! 😉

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