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In Groove radio we believe in teamwork and human relations.
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Dimmys Kontorousis, formelly Known as Dimis Mc, was born in Athens in the middle of 60’s.
The first music steps were made at the age of 14 by playing on school parties.
Early at the 80’s, by the age of 19 became professional by playing in many Discos all over Greece.
In the late 80’s he joined the amazing team of Jeronimo Groovy Radio which was airing from 88,9 FM as a Radio Producer, on 1993 as a Program Director and Head Of Music Program, launches the most successful and Legendary Radio Station at the top of most favorite radio stations in audiences between 15 – 30 ages.
At this time he performed as The Main D.J. of the Famous Jeronimo Groovy Parties that met great success all over Athens.
Took part in many events all over Greece while at the same time, between 1996 – 1998, produces “In The Mix” cd compilations series which met great success.
A beloved season which will always remain alive was about 1998 – 1999 at Club Hook on Piraeus
Nowadays you can listen to him live every Friday and Saturday 20:00 – 22:00 on Groove Radio.


Lina (Powermix), is the first female radio producer and dj in the rave scene of Athens, playing mostly trance, hard trance, psytrance, drum & bass and breaks. Started as a radio producer with “Powermix” back in 1993 at the legendary LIFE FM since 1997, also she was in BEAT FM, BLUE SKY radio, BLUE SKY TV, FREE RADIO 98 FM, Liquid radio, and Atlantis radio 105.2FM. Being a well known dj and radio producer she has performed as Resident and Guest in the most famous & legenderies dance stages, clubs in Athens and all over Greece, like: ALSOS, BATTERY, BERLIN, TESSERA, FACTORY, DOM, HORUS, DOMUS, LIQUID, AMFITHEATRO, CAMEL, SEVENTH HEAVEN, CITY GROOVE, MAD, X-MOVIE THEATER etc. and nowdays in the most popular stages of the psy scene.Being Founder & member of Riot Girls, a drum & bass project, and also founder & member of trance & psy-trance project called Girls in the Jungle. She is the founder of BASS SYNDICATE project and member of BREAKTONE project, with strictly drum & bass nuskool and oldskool music. She likes doing remixes of her favorite songs of 80’s to breaks, and remains fanatic with vinyls as she still prefers to play with MK2 during her sets. She is founder and owner of amphdromiA psy group, promoting many succefull psy parties in Athens, hosting many djs from abroad and the best ones from locals. Also she is founder and owner of Psy Festivals: amphdromiA Open Air Fest vol1 & vol2 , Fullove Festival, Musikology Festival & Genesis Festival. Nowdays you can listen her radio show Powermix @ Groove Radio,Tunein & live24 every Monday & Wednesday 22:00-24:00! Stay Tuned!!! 😉

Panagiotis Volis was born in Athens in 1980.
He bought his first MK-II at the age of 15 and did his first steps in music. Starting by playing at small parties, at the age of 17, he started professionally DJing at numerous local bars and clubs. At the same time, he did his first steps on the radio at E-Tik FM and afterwards at Liquid FM.

In 1998, he won a contest for young radio producers organized by Jeronimo Groovy and remained a producer there for over two years.
Since 2004, he was a radio producer at Free Radio with “Balearic Sessions” radio show, that hosted twice every week with progressive and balearic tunes.

He played as warmup dj along with Tiesto, Roger Shah, Solarstone, Airwave, Daniel Wanroy, Solarstone, M.I.K.E., Aly and Fila, Three Drives, Jochen Miller and many many more.
He is one of the Co- Founders of Destination Sunshine Events Team and Record Label, together with Alex and Chris

You can hear him live at “Euro Mixzone” every Thursday 22.00-00.00 @ Groove spinning the rarest 90’s Eurodance tracks

Born in Athens at the end of 70’s.
Remembered himself playing music from the age of 16 in small coffee bars and school parties. At home mixing with an old tape deck just for practice.
Till the age of 35 he was playing music professionally not only in Athens but and also at Greek islands.
The first steps at radio broadcasting were 23 years ago in a radio station called SAG at 100,6 fm and that was the official start of Disco Cafe.
Next destination one of the best Greek radios, Radio Chalitexnoupoli at 106,3 and after that Radio One at 95,1.
The trip continues at City Fm for 3 years. A great cooperation with Teo Rakintzis producer of the famous broadcast ‘With Greek Style’.
The first contact with internet radio came after that. The name Cocktail Radio.
After 3 years of work in many web radios like Radiosun, Simple Radio, Sat radio, now he landed at Groove and seems that he’ll stay..

You can hear him live at “Disco Cafe” every Sunday 22.00-00.00 @ Groove in order to refresh your memories with great selections of our favorite decades

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